Lord, I will not go about spreading slander among your people.
I will not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life.
Leviticus 19:16

Heavenly Father, I know that gossip betrays a confidence;
so I will avoid a man who talks too much.
Proverbs 20:19

Lord, I know that gossip betrays a confidence,
and if I am to be trustworthy, I will keep a secret.
Proverbs 11:13

Heavenly Father, I will not be a perverse man that stirs up dissension.
I know that gossip separates close friends.
Proverbs 16:28

Lord God, do not allow my tong to plot destruction;
help me to avoid deceit.
Psalm 52:2

Lord God, keep my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking lies.
Psalm 34:13